Low Pressure Sand Casting

With the installation of our LP sand casting facility in 2006 Wolverine Bronze is now positioned to be a leader in low volume production of Aluminum Engine block and head castings. with Low Pressure casting we are able to achieve thin walled cross sections and superior metallurgical soundness with very low turbulent, computerized fill profiles.

Principle function of low pressure:

  • Pressurization
  • Rising, low-turbulence die filling
  • Controlled solidification with the help of a controlled cooling
  • Hot material with gating

Low pressure sand casting - how it works

  1. Machine closes
  2. Pot pressurized
  3. Aluminum rises into the mold
  4. Casting hardens under pressure of the liquified metal
  5. Liquified metal sinks back into the crucible
  6. Machine opens
  7. Core removed
  8. Casting removed by destroying the mold
  9. Finished part
Low Pressure Sand Casting